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Billing and Contracts

Billing options

To best serve our clients we offer a variety of billing options.

  • hourly billing
  • monthly billing
  • annual contracts

We offer non-profits and small business special rates.

Benefits of Annual Contracts

Technology Management offers an Annual Contract option for  our clients.  Clients with annual contracts gain the following benefits:

Guaranteed Call Back Response.   We don’t leave you hanging.  We will call you back within 2 hours, and usually (over 91% of the time) far faster.  During business hours we usually call back within 15 minutes.  The two hour call back is guaranteed.

Next Business Day On-Site Service.  We will be onsite to fix a problem by the next business day.

10 Minutes Free.  The first 10 minutes of your support calls are free.  If we can fix the problem or answer the question in less than ten minutes, your call is free.

Backup Monitoring.  Rest assured, your backup is running, we watch that for you.  It’s working or we just fix it.  No panic attacks spent worrying if backup happened or not.

Anti-Virus Monitoring.  If your system is under attack, we are notified.  We have ways of dealing with these guys (good antivirus software and firewalls).  Technology Management clients have never been infected by Ransomware.  We have helped a few recover from this catastrophe.

FAST Remote access support via the internet.  With your permission, we can remotely access  your office systems, help you with questions or problems, and apply updates, etc.

Roll-over Hours.  Hours included in your monthly contract can be Rolled-over for up to 3 months.

Discounted Hourly Rates.  If you have a contract, you can buy extra hours, as needed, at your low contract rate.

Dell Partner Benefits.  Free shipping, discounts and quick support access with Dell.

Monthly Billing.  We will bill you once per month.  Your invoice will provide detailed descriptions of the services we provide.

Do you really need a contract?

A monthly contract includes the benefits listed above and your choice of a number of hours of service per month.  Those hours are typically used when Technology Management maintains your network, updates software with the latest security patches, monitors backup and antivirus activity, etc.

Some months will require fewer hours.  The unused hours will be rolled-over for up to three months.

Sometimes you need us on-site, and that can use hours quickly.  A contract and  roll-over hours provides a consistent, budgetable monthly expense.  The wild fluctuations of random IT expenses are minimized by a contract.  Cash-flow is preserved.